Metropolitan Baptist Church
Thursday, December 08, 2016

NY Lighthouse BC


As part of the commitment to reach the entire community of Bensonhurst, Metropolitan Baptist Church requested that the New York Lighthouse Baptist Church, SBC Inc.,(NYLBC), under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Peter Gu, become part of our ministry for the sake of reaching the Asian Community in Bensonhurst. The partnership in ministry began in November of 2007 and has blossomed into a strong Chinese congregation. In 2010, NYLBC added a class for young Chinese children on Sunday afternoons to teach them the Chinese language, since many are learning only English in their schools. The Chinese ministry is an official part of MBC, with Pastor David and the Chinese speaking congregation, Pastor Derick Mehboob and the south-Asian congregation, and Pastor Chris with the English speaking congregation working in coordination to reach the community.