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We are a church for South Asian Community that seeks to serve the Indian community along with all other neighboring countries of India that understand Hindi. It is led by Pastor Maxwell George, who has served as teacher and preacher in India, developing untrained pastors and leaders for over 10 years. He has planted several churches in India and is registered under the banner of Urban Life Fellowship.

Our church is a bilingual service. We desire to minister every age group from young to the old. The building premises is blessed with nursery room, Sunday school room, fellowship hall and kitchen. Hospitality is the key to fellowship and fellowship is the doorway to share the love of God with His people.

We here at MBF believe in nurturing each other through weekly activities like Bible study, prayer fellowship, kids and women’s ministry. Evangelism is always a greater ground to reach the unreached, seekers and lost. Hence tract distribution along with active street ministry in this city that never sleeps stands of utmost importance. The Sunday sermons are based on expository preaching with an eminence on Bible based teaching. The Sunday school ministry is specific about sharing Gospel with children for every Sunday class as based on Deuteronomy Chapter 6. 

The digital presence is the roll call of the hour for reaching the larger audience and hence we have also made our sermons, services tangible on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

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