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Our Missions

In keeping with the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, Metropolitan seeks to establish a missional mindset among those who attend this Church. 17.5% of all non-designated tithes, offerings, and donations are budgeted each year to support our established missionaries and mission ministries. In addition, we encourage short-term mission trips to enhance the understanding of what the mission field is like and we have an extensive missionary training program for those who go on short-term mission trips. Metropolitan also gladly receives mission teams to serve at Metropolitan throughout the year.

Those who wish to receive support from Metropolitan can look at the Long-term Missionary Cover Letter and the Long-term Missionary Application on this website. Though our funds may be limited, we love to pray for missionaries, especially those in line with our missional goals and doctrines. 

Metropolitan church members and attendees may apply to go on a mission trip by looking at the Short-term Mission Cover Letter, Short-term Mission Application, and the Short-term Mission References. All short-term mission team members are required to attend training seminars in order to go on the trip. 

Mission teams wishing to come to Metropolitan may contact Pastor Chris to discuss what needs and opportunities are available. 

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