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Our Membership

One of our former Church Elders and a founding member at Metropolitan used to tell people that Metropolitan was the Best Church in Brooklyn! We wish that were so, but we recognize that Metropolitan is not for everybody. However it may be for you, if you want to experience a church that seeks to maintain a wonderful balance between strong, biblical teaching, a profound Christian fellowship, and purposeful ministry here at home and abroad. Everyone is invited to attend church services and seminars, whether or not they are members, but becoming a member at Metropolitan means more than just joining an organization; it means becoming part of a Family of God committed to living out the Gospel.

Anyone who has a solid profession of faith and is at least 18 years old may join Metropolitan after taking CLASS 101: Discovering Church Membership and having been baptized by immersion as a believer in Jesus Christ. Church Membership means the individual is committed to the message and ministry of Metropolitan Baptist. Church. Members actively participate in the purpose of Metropolitan Baptist Church utilizing their talents, time, and treasure to pursue the glory of God through its ministries and mission. The process of becoming a member entails three steps: 

1). Attendance of CLASS 101, Discovering Church Membership (a five session course offered throughout the year or upon request). 

2). An interview with the Pastor or Elder concerning a clear profession of faith and statement of baptism (if not baptized by immersion as a believer, the candidate will be scheduled to be baptized). 

3). Public reception as a member before the congregation upon affirmation of the Church Covenant.

While the process may be simple, the effects are profound. As part of our welcome, each new member will receive an engraved ESV Study Bible as a gift from the church family. We take the Word of God seriously and challenge all members to pursue the study of the Word. Through our CLASS series, we encourage new members to go on in their understanding of discipleship, ministry, mission, and worship.

Admission to membership may be by: a) transfer of letter from an evangelical church if previously baptized by immersion, b) by profession of faith and baptism by immersion, or c) by profession of faith without a transfer of letter, if the individual has already been baptized as a believer by immersion. Members are expected to fulfill the truths delineated in the Church Covenant, Constitution, ByLaws, and relational statements which are available upon request.

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